4 Awesome Ways To Pimp Your Ride

If you like to impress with your vehicle, then obviously you want it to look incredible. There are tons of methods to customize a car, but here are five of the most awesome ways to pimp your ride.

LED Headlights

Changing up the headlights on your car can have a profound effect. LED headlights are the way to go for the ultimate vehicle customization right now! They’re incredibly easy to install. Just remove your old headlights and slot your new LED ones into position – no modifications required! Standard halogen headlights look rubbish in comparison to the way that LEDs cast their ray onto the road. These have the added benefit of keeping you safer while driving and being up to 90% more efficient, too. Nice one.

Speaker System

Everybody loves hearing their favorite tunes while driving a long distance. Make sure you’ve got something epic in your car to hook your smartphone up to. The speakers that come as standard with most vehicles are awful. They lack the highs and the lows that you’re after, as well as a decent-sounding base. Spotify will sound incredible through a Pioneer music system. These are affordable, and some models even feature Bluetooth connectivity so that you can rock out wirelessly and in style. If you want to take this to the next level, then consider getting a fully blown subwoofer for your trunk. That way, when you pull up at your location, you can have the tunes pumping out the back of your newly pimped car. Not a music fan? There are plenty of other cool gadgets for your car, too.

Steering Wheel Desk

If your job involves a lot of traveling, sometimes you’re going to have to have lunch on the road. Pull over first. But once you have, this is what you’re going to want to pull out of your glove compartment. These desks fit onto the bottom of your steering wheel, providing the same effect as the tray tables on the rear seats of your car. That way you’ve got somewhere to stick your sandwiches without having to budge over to the passenger seat. This is great if you’re in a hurry. It’s super handy, and just looks cool!

Custom Number Plate

Private plates look incredible on a car. They are a great way of making your vehicle feel like your own. They’re not too expensive, and make a great birthday or Christmas gift. So make sure to ask for one this holiday season if you can’t afford it right now! Try and be creative with the numbers and lettering. 1 is a great substitute for ‘I’, 5 is perfect to replicate an ‘S’, etc. Now, everybody is going to know whose awesome car it is that you’re driving.

Hopefully, these four tricks have inspired you to have a crack at pimping out your car. All of them are really neat additions and don’t break the bank. It’s nice to take pride in what you’re driving – so make sure you’ve got the best vehicle going.