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Fabricated Car Repairs: The Filipino Habit

One thing you have to note these days, if you can save in any way as far as car repairs are concerned you would be more than willing to grab it. For Pinoy car owners who often want to save and make do with fabricated repairs for their cars, rest assured they would grab it.…

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The Pains of Automatic Transmission Vehicles

Automatic Transmission Vehicles One thing about cars these days, is you want to be as comfy as possible. This includes the manner of driving which most people prefer to have the automatic transmission to avoid the need to shift gears frequently. But while that may seem like a luxury, it also comes with a price.…

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Super Black Tints Vehicle’s Look and Security

Black Tints We all know that these days, global warming has resulted in warmer sunny days to which car air conditioning systems may need all the help they can get to ensure that proper climate levels are maintained inside cars. One resort is to have heavily tinted vehicles to make sure that sun rays find…

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