Fabricated Car Repairs: The Filipino Habit

One thing you have to note these days, if you can save in any way as far as car repairs are concerned you would be more than willing to grab it. For Pinoy car owners who often want to save and make do with fabricated repairs for their cars, rest assured they would grab it. Compared to having your car fixed as a whole or bringing it to the actual Casa, imagine the savings you can get. If you are lucky, you can even get better service since we all know that some car shops can shortchange you so that you will come back.

Fabricating repairs can include various car parts such as:

  1. Under Chassis
    2. Engine Support
    3. Bushings
    4. Air Conditioning
    5. Brakes and Clutch
    6. Tires
    7. Dents
    8. Suspensions

There will always be the so-called “replacement parts” or “second-hand parts” that will be offered to you. Compared to the brand new or original ones, you can make do with them but the timeline for their durability is surely incomparable to the authentic one. However, cost-wise, these are the alternatives you just have to consider. With limited budgets and the need to use your car, you have to get repairs done even if they would mean for a temporary period.

Just be sure you save up to replace them with better parts after some months though. Expect these fabricated parts to give way as they are walking between safety and durability. They are bound to give in a couple of months so be wiser.

Replacement Parts: Japan or Taiwan

If you are the type who is quite particular about repairs to your car, replacement parts would normally leave you with two options: Japan or Taiwan. If you are a frequent visitor of car part shops, these will be the choices for certain parts that will be offered to you. Of the two, Taiwan parts are normally the cheaper ones since they are considered imitation parts that have a lesser product lifecycle compared to Japan or original parts.

Japanese parts

Japanese parts often mean durability. They are normally the parts that are close to the exact specs of your car’s needs. However, they are costly, and unless you are willing to use second-hand parts that will still cost more or luckily the same as a Taiwan part, the price for Japanese parts may knock you off your feet. Brand-new Japanese parts are the safest route to maintain the same level of quality that your car has. Some people however turn to Taiwan parts due to prices and can do for a certain time, perhaps half of the actual durability life of a part.

Mechanical parts

Mechanical parts of vehicles are quite sensitive. Take for example engine support bushings. Comparing the Taiwan-made ones to the original ones can be seen in a couple of months. Engine support bushings normally last for 3 to 5 years, depending on the use of a vehicle. Taiwan-made engine support bushings normally last for 6 months to a year. That is how much difference you can expect between the two.

While everything should not be entirely blamed on the part manufacturers, you have to take into consideration the wear and tear and road conditions your car drives on. In this case, Philippine roads are known to be unstable and that is why we often find ourselves needing repairs especially if our car chassis are not that solidly built like Mitsubishi vehicles that have pricey replacement parts as well.