Audi to field concept A6 Sportback e-tron to Frankfurt

A6 Sportback e-tron

Reports around the automotive circles says that Audi is planning to send a Sportback e-tron variant of the A6 during the annual auto show in Frankfurt.

After showing the e-tron form of the Spyder Concept, R8, A3, and the A1, the car manufacturer might field an A6 e-tron concept this September in the much awaited motor show in Germany. The brand already has a similar iteration that was based on the Audi A6 L, but this time the designers are coming up with an A6 Sportback.The move can be interpreted as a clear intention of the Ingolstadt carmaker to introduce a thrid body style of the A6 that already has an Avant wagon and a sedan version.
Top speed
Recent reports hint that the A6 Sportback concept will be equipped with a 300-horsepower engine that will be from the latest S3. This engine will be paired with an electric power than can produce an additional 100 horses. The concept can go as far as 100 kilometers when using the battery power alone while the conventional engine returns a fuel mileage of 2.5 liters for every 100 kilometers. The sprint from stand still to 100 kilometers an hour takes a little less than five seconds. The car can blast to a top speed of 250 km/h.

KIA updates 2013 Cadenza

In case you are not so familiar with the lineup of Kia, the Korean car manufacturer is actually offering a sedan bigger than its Optima, the Kia Cadenza. It offers the Cadenza, also known as K7 in Korea, in most of its markets across the globe. For this year, the Cadenza gets a facelift.The 2013 Kia Cadenza shares much of its mechanicals and underpinnings with the Azera of Hyundai. This is similar to how the Kia Optima shares the DNA of the Hyundai Sonata. This means that it shares the V-6 power, front-wheel drive setup, and the six-speed automatic gearbox. Kia has not disclosed the specs of the Kia Cadenza that will be heading to U.S. showrooms so for now we only get to preview the styling of the vehicle.

Tiger look

The car was heavily camouflaged during its testing phase but looking at the latest images, the 2013 Cadenza gets only minor styling upgrades. The revisions though help the car to look fresh and update its stance to be in line with the rest of the range. The grille gets a more aggressive styling with the “tiger look” more noticeable. The sedan also gets a new hood, redesigned headlamps, and refreshed bumpers. The taillights also get a fresh look while the front fenders are now adorned with air vents.

Kia has not released the images of the interior of the new Cadenza but it should no be far from the previous model’s styling. The 2012 Cadenza had a large infotainment screen atop the center stack. He buttons and controls had nice layouts with functionality as the main priority.