BMW’s Competitive Road Racing Resurgence

BMW’s Competitive Road Racing

For a company that came into existence as an airplane manufacturer and would still have been one, lest the Treaty of Versailles and then came into re-existence as a motorcycle manufacturer and has given the world an impeccable range of refined motorcycles since; being absent from the competitive road racing circuit for five decades is indigestible .

Whatever may have been the reason for this long absence is unknown to me but the fact that BMW are reentering this competition zone is definitely a thing to cheer about. It will not only add another brand name to the competitive road racing world, it will also make the competition more intense.BMW will begin its rejuvenation by participating in the ‘24 heures moto’ more famously known as the Le Mans endurance race, on the 21st of this month. The team will be christened ‘BMW Motorrad Motorsport’ a dubbing which BMW used in their appearances before this astounding gap.The machine to be used in this competition and a few others to follow (4 in all) will be a boxer, closely based on the BMW R 1200 S(pictured). Its heavy duty 1200 cc will enable it to compete in the Open Category.The race at Le Mans is just a whiff away and I already know whom to vouch for but this surprise reentry has just made my choice a little dubious owing to BMW’s great bike manufacturing history.

T3 Motion Unveils Next Generation Motorcycle at ISC West

T3 Motion has introduced their innovative T3 Series Security model at International Security Convention West show (ISC West) in Las Vegas, Nevada. This three-wheeled series is designed to improve visibility for security personnel from a stable, standing position built on the 9-inches raised platform and to increase response time that speeds up to 18 miles per hour.This eco-friendly three wheeler motorcycle comes equipped with integrated LED lighting system and two re-chargeable batteries and to operate this machine one has two only spend less than 10 cents per day.Estimated price of this machine is 8000 USD including two batteries.

Acabion GTBO Enclosed Motorcycle: Fully Street Legal

This is a gift for the speed lovers as it is approachable, furious, and efficient but the most important part is that it is street legal. This Acabion GTBO Enclosed Motorcycle is shaped in the shape of a bullet that is known to be the best aerodynamic structure to support speed. The cockpit can house two passengers comfortably and let you approach high speeds.

Powered by a 700 hp turbocharged engine it can reach streaming 258 mph in about 19 seconds and has a top speed of 265 mph at 200 hp (legally) or otherwise you can break the limits by riding on 300 mph. But what makes the vehicle stand out in queue is its fuel efficiency. The sad news is that the company only plans to build a total of 26 vehicles from 2007-2011. Now, if you want to own this extreme machine you re to start saving money to pay a hefty amount of $720,000.

Genesis EV-X7: A Little Commuter Scooter

With a rise steep riser in gas prices industry is paying stress on developing new techniques to develop vehicles that work on alternate fuels this. The most common amongst them is hybrid vehicles that work using electric charge but the biggest disadvantage with these types of vehicles is low torque and their traveling limit.

Genesis EV-X7 is an all electric scoter that comprises of a new technology fabricated by combination of a permanent magnet with electromagnetic technology. The new type of electric motor “Sumo.” installed in this scooter promises high efficiency and can make the machine travel up to 112 miles on a six-hour battery charge. The top speed is also projected to be 90 mph. Initially it will cost you for $2,000 but I am sure that it will save you lots of money in future due to its good efficiency. Moreover the design is also very appealing that will make you noticed when you pass by.

Peraves Monotracer Looks to Be Highly Inspired by Audi R8

This one in indeed a neat make. But, somehow it resembles the Audi R8 in its looks. Well, the pictured above is the new Monotracer bike from the house of Siss firm Peraves that seems to be inpired from the Audi R8’s make.

The 1,100 pounds Monotracer runs on a 1.2-liter four-cylinder BMW engine outputting 130 HP. It reaches 62 mph in 5.7 seconds and gets to a top speed of 155 mph.

The bike, which will be showcased at the Geneva Auto Show, can lean to about 52-degrees.