Honda Forza Smart a Two-seater Concept Scooter with Information-related Functions

It seems that increasing demand for scoters has grabbed the attention of major automakers. Scooters are now being preferred over bikes due to their exceptionally good handling that makes them handier for daily use. Honda displayed its four concept vehicles at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2007 and one of them that is Forza Smart 2-seater concept scooter caught my attention. This new concept scooter will provide you with a pleasant and safe ride experience in crowded places with its information-related functions. The scooter can be equipped with a portable AVN entertainment system.

The design is a real marvel that makes it stand out from rest similar vehicles. A good body and seat color theme including LED headlights, LED front fog lights, welcome lighting, and passenger backrest with built-in wing-type high visibility high-mount stop lamp.

This is perfect for two vehicles and lets you communicate easily with a pillion rider using its inter-communication system. Front and rear speakers fitted in the bike make your ride more fun-filled as both the riders can share the music. I liked this vehicle and am sure that riding this would be great fun. Other vehicles displayed were Stream Hyper Sport Concept Vehicle, Fit Daily Active Concept Vehicle, Stream Exclusive Concept Vehicle, a racing version of the Civic Hybrid, and customized Modulo versions of the Airwave, Stream, CR-V, and Odyssey Absolute along with a varied lineup of genuine Honda accessories ranging from navigation to audio systems.

Roller Cycles for Cardiovascular Workout

Exercise is very necessary for our body and some activities like skating and skateboarding are good workouts but are often tiring. The Roller Cycle, a personal power accelerator offers you a good full-body cardiovascular workout with a lot of fun and excitement. The device is powered by a 1.5 horsepower engine and can take you up to 25mph in any terrain.

The practice will help to improve your respiratory system as The force generated by the Roller Cycle travels from your rear through your torso to your feet. This action now only works out your arms as you hold the Roller Cycle, but the force traveling through your body works out your abdominal and leg muscle groups. So get ready for a furious ride on any terrain with these Roller Cycles.

Fan Operated Custom-built Hoverbike

This is the one-of-a-kind Hoverbike that exists. Jim Chalmers has made this incredible invention. This bike has a top speed of 50mph and uses a large fan that lifts the bike and propels it forward.

The pricing and availability is not announced yet so you’ll have to wait for some time to ride this bike.

NSU Kettenkrad: A Motorcycle or a Tank?

After looking at the image, you must be wondering what is this monster made for.

It is an NSU Kettenkrad, the smallest tracked vehicle that was produced in World War II. It was known as Rabbit but had nothing to do with that innocent creature. The vehicle is a kind of tractor that is about 10 feet long with a room of three people. It was powered by a water-cooled Opel four-cylinder lifted straight out of the Opel Olympia that could deliver 36 horsepower to drive this 2700-pound half-track through any terrain.

The machine had a sophisticated mechanism that made it maneuverable. The steering was controlled using a steering brake system much like a bigger tank. The vehicle was used to tow heavy guns to places, which were hard to reach. Only a few of these machines have survived and I am sure these are the best choice for an Off-Road drive experience.